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"A Little About Me"

Hello Friends!

My guests, my audience and inspiration .. Welcome to my FIRST Blog Post!

My name is Adeline, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I loved growing up in Brooklyn, there was always something exciting to capture my attention. Perhaps the loud music, the dancing, the food, the culture, the people or the historical buildings and homes. Whatever the reason I have extremely fond memories of my home. I'm married to the kindest, loving and spiritual man. We enjoy traveling and exploring wines. I've always said my husband and Mom are my greatest fans. They both inspire me to strive for the stars, always displaying compassion and love in all I do. I strongly believe in giving back to the community and volunteer in teaching people to read, write and live better lives with a purpose.

Although most of my career has been in Corporate America, I always knew if I had the opportunity I would be interior decorating and planning weddings. I've asked myself so many times, Why Both? and honestly because I love them both equally. For most of my career while working in Corporate America, on the side this is what I did. Whether it was designing floral arrangements for weddings, planning a fabulous bridal shower, rearranging furniture or faux finishing walls, I always seemed to be involved with decorating and weddings. So when I finally had my opportunity to work for myself that's exactly what I wanted to focus on and along came Fine Designs by Adeline. I'm thrilled and honored beyond my wildest dreams to have a part in your lives whether it's interior decorating or coordinating a wedding.

So as interior designer Leanne Ford says "My style is my Style". The simplicity of these words inspire me to be creative beyond limits. Some of my clients know exactly what they want and some don't, regardless we'll figure it out together to ensure you're a satisfied and happy client.

I will blog about my projects both for weddings and decorating, my challenges, inspirational ideas, my thoughts-research and who knows maybe I'll throw in some food & wine too.

Again Welcome, I would love to hear from you!

Extremely Grateful,



Anna D
Anna D
Apr 08, 2021

Congratulations on making your passion become a reality. You got this!


Nikolas Nemick
Nikolas Nemick
Apr 07, 2021

great job

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